Greetings friends and shutterbugs - I've joined Samys Edu Program!

Greetings fellow shutterbugs -

I hope this post finds you and your families well !

Latest News: 
I've accepted Samys offer to join their team of photography instructors. It's an amazing organization that's growing at an exponential rate.

We'll have full access to Samys four abundant rental warehouses.  They're filled with the latest and greatest equipment - all in a friendly, honest, and morally sound environment.
All  day studio shoots - in the fall  - are being scheduled at Smashbox Studios .

The first all day headshot seminar will feature Kinoflo , Profoto, and Mola professional lighting.
I'll be demonstrating the Nikon D800 / 200mm f2 lens combination; currently taking request from my Canon buddies, the 200mm f2 or f1.8 would be on my list.

Location projects are being reviewed, please submit your ideas to
I look forward to the endless possibilities...

Best wishes, good health, and stellar images,